28 May, 2021

New Shannon machine with crossed wires

Shannon introduces their newest bending machine with crossed wires: X-WIRE.

The Shannon X-WIRE is a unique and innovative bending machine with crossed heating wires. This allows this machine to make up to 4 perpendicular bends at once; ideal for making boxes.

The temperature of the heating wires is very precisely adjustable electronically. The heating wires are adjustable in both length and width. The machine includes 8 working length adjustment sets, which allow the necessary cold zones to be created.

The top frame is time controlled and can hold the sheets flat during the needed heating period.

The worktop consists of movable durable heat resistant blocks and is equipped with an adjustable rear stop with integrated side stops. This will ensure that the material is always stable and can be positioned correctly quickly in relation to the heating wires.

When making 2 boxes with 4 bends at the same time, the maximum dimension is 450 x 550 mm. With one box, the maximum dimension is up to 1200 x 600 mm