Very productive and high quality diamond-polishing machine with a 1.400 mm. working length.

For materials like PMMA, PC and Dibond upto 90 mm. thickness.

With the tilting diamond head it is possible to polish bevels and angles of +45° degrees. 


Product information

Model type

Floor model

Working length

2x 1400 mm.



Machine type

Polishing machine

Polishing thickness

1 – 90 mm.

Maximum thickness

90 mm.

Milling angle

from -2 upto +45 dgrees

Milling depth


Milling feed speed

variable upto 1,2 meter p/minute

Milling rotation RPM

variable upto 6.600 RPM

Polishing angle

Variable angles

Polishing method


Connection voltage

400 Volt

Electrical usage

3.200 Watt

Dimensions (LxWxH)

220x120x150 cm.


1050 kg.


This diamond polishing machine achieves a very high quality polishing result. Plastic sheets up to a thickness of 90 mm. can be polished.

The working length is 1.400 mm. but it is also possible to process longer sheets by polishing one half first and then turning them around and polishing the other side.

The cutting depth, rotation and progress speed of the diamond milling head is easily adjustable.

With the tilting diamond head it is possible to polish bevels and angles of +45° degrees. The machine is supplied with one diamond cutter hub (2 cutter) which is equipped with a pre cutter tool and synthetic diamond tool. The diamond tools can be easily replaced with a satin finisher tool or natural diamond finisher tool for different materials and finishes.

The machine is also equipped with 5 adjustable pneumatically controlled pressure clamps to keep the material to be polished in place. This also allows several sheets of thinner material to be polished at the same time.


Delivery in 2 weeks
  • 2 years warranty
  • CE Certified
  • Newest technology
  • Experienced service
Machine type:
  • Diamond polishing machine

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