Professional acrylic sheet bending machine with 4 adjustable heat bending lines.
This HRT 125 machine has a 1250 mm. working length and comes with 2 adjustable backstops.
Comes with a new mobile underframe and a cooling fixture is available seperately.

Product information

Process Plastic bending
Machine type Bending machine
Working length 1250 mm.
Bending method Manual
Bending lines Multiple lines
Heating method Single sided

HRT 125 XL with underframe (2000)

The Shannon HRT is a very user-friendly, plastic bending machine.


It is equipped with 4 adjustable bottom heat bending lines of 15 mm. wide, consisting of a profile with a height adjustable heating wire. The machine is extra wide, for a bigger distance between the bending lines.


The temperature of the heating wire is very precisely adjustable electronically by means of a control unit.


The durable heat resistant worktop has a scratch-resistant top layer and is equipped with a  parallel back-stop with 2 rulers.


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  • 6 months warranty
  • CE Certified
  • Made in Holland
  • Free packaging on orders >€1.500,- ordered from webshop
Machine type:
  • Manual bending machine

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