CNC controlled diamond-polishing machines with 2100 or 3100 mm working length for thickness’ upto 120 mm.

The entire polishing process can be programmed in detail.

Including cutting depth, rotation and progress speed, polishing angle and bevels in degrees.


Product information


AMI-C 2100, AMI-C 3100



Machine type

Polishing machine

Model type

Floor model

Working length

2100 mm., 3100 mm.

Polishing thickness

1 – 120 mm.

Maximum thickness

120 mm.

Milling angle

from -5 upto +60 degrees

Milling depth


Milling feed speed

variable upto 3 meter p/minute

Milling rotation RPM

variable upto 12.000 RPM

Polishing angle

Variable angles

Polishing method

Diamond-polishing, Buffing

Connection voltage

400 Volt


Fully automatic serie of diamond polishing machines that can process acrylic sheets up to 120 mm thick and gives a very high quality finish. With the adjustable diamond milling head it is possible to polish bevels and angles up to 60 ° degrees. With the automatic inclination head the desired degrees can be pre-programmed and the bevels and angles will be milled automatically. The machine is also standard equipped with 5 or 7 adjustable pneumatically controlled pressure clamps for pressing the material to be polished. With tilting reference screen it is possible to mill the bevels and angles of several plates simultaneously. The automatic buffing system makes this machine extra efficient because it is not necessary to manually buff each plate after polishing to remove the the last rotation marks. The machine is fully CNC-controlled and has a user-friendly touch screen with which the entire polishing process and all accessories can be programmed in detail (cutting depth, rotation and progress speed of the diamond milling head, degrees of the facets, etc.). This makes broken diamonds and setting inaccuracies a thing of the past. The advanced on-board computer offers a wide range of process-relevant information that can help streamline the production process or provide additional insights into, for example; cost price calculations.

  • AMI-C 2100

  • AMI-C 3100

  • 2 year warranty
  • CE Certified
  • Newest technology
  • Experienced service
Machine type:
  • Diamond polishing machine

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