Beautiful second hand flamepolisher Model B for sale!

It is possible to polish scratches, sharp edges, round edges and cut-outs of clear acrylic in an easy way.

Extension with a second operator kid is available.

We have overhauled the machine and give 6 months warranty.

Product information

Type Model 1200
Machine type Polishing machine
Process Flame-polishing
Model type Table model
Polishing method Flame-polishing
Connection voltage 230 Volt
Maximum thickness 20 mm.

Flamepolisher Model B

We have an used Flamepolisher Model B for sale. This is the ideal tool for the modern acrylic processing industry. With this machines it is possible to polish the saw and/or milled edges of clear acrylic in an easy way.
With a simple flame passage it is possible to polish sharp edges, round edges and cut-outs in the acrylic. Processing thicker sheets can be achieved by simply applying multiple flame passages.
A second operator kid to have 2 operators polish at the same time is available.

The clean gas is produced by the machine through the combination of caustic solution, distilled water and M.E.K., which causes a very clean flame that is brought to the ideal polishing temperature.
The machine is overhauled and has 3 months warranty. It is delivered ready for use
, This means: filled with caustic solution and distilled water, and separately 1 litre of M.E.K. and 10 different size torch tips

(When shipped through airfreight no chemicals are supplied).


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