Flamepolisher Service

We completely service your flamepolisher.

We replace all gaskets, rubber rings and tubing on the in- and outside of the machine.

We fill the cells with new caustic solution and distilled water.

A service like this is required every 3 years!

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Polishing machine

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Model 500 / A+, Model 800 / A Super, Model 1200 / Model B

Flamepolisher Service

We service all flamepolishers (Shannon, Leronka, Aquaflame and Microwelder) at our facility in Wateringen, The Netherlands.

A standard serviced machine will be returned within 2 days after receiving it at Shannon. (please pack you machine without fluid on a small pallet before shipment.)

In a standaard service the machine is checked, overhauled and cleaned. All gaskets, rubber rings, clear and black tubing is replaced on the in- and outside of the machine.

The cells are filled with new caustic solution with distilled water.(Pottassium Hydroxide KOH)

Finally we test the machine and inform you when any special repairs or replacements needs to be done.

A standard service like this is required every 3 years.




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  • 3 year warranty
  • CE Certified
  • Made in Holland
  • Free packaging from €1.500,-
Suitable for:
  • Flamepolisher

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