Heavy constructed plastic bending machines with double side heating.

Heating length is 125 cm. and distance between the heating lines in 2200 or 3000 mm.

Can be upgraded upto 4 heating lines top and 4 bottom with 4 temperature controllers.


Product information


HRP-V 220, HRP-V 300


Plastic bending

Machine type

Bending machine

Bending method


Bending lines

Multiple lines

Heating method

Double sided

Under heating

upto 4 heating lines

Upper heating

upto 4 heating lines

Modular extendable


Distance between 2 bends

30 – 3000 mm.

Working length

1250 mm.

Working thickness

1,0 – 10,0 mm.

Maximum thickness

20 mm.

Connection voltage

230 Volt

Electrical usage

upto 4 kW.


The Shannon HRP-V serie plastic bending machines are special bending machines with vertical heating lines. This way upto 4 bends of 125 cm. length can be made that are upto 3 meters apart!

This heavy duty but modestly priced plastic sheet bending machines has both bottom and top heating lines can easily be controlled in temperature. The heating lines can be positioned into place and the wires in the profiles are adjustable in height. The two-sided heating of the HRP-V series enables the processing of the plastic plates faster, but above all, it also reduces stress and can handle thicker materials and polycarbonate.

The time controlled upper frame has adjustable pressure bars that hold the plates in place and prevent warping (banana effect). The upper frame is controlled by a foot pedal and timer switch.

The durable heat resistant worktop consists of multiple adjustable panels and has a parallel stop with millimetre and inch indication. The machine is modular built and is already prepared internally so that it can be easily extended with multiple heating profiles and/or control units.


  • HRP-V 220

  • HRP-V 300

  • 3 year warranty
  • CE Certified
  • Made in Holland
  • Free packaging from €1.500,-
Machine type:
  • Manual bending machine

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