Handycut ceramic cutter

Handycut L-shape

Handycut C-shape

Handycut V-shape

Our Handycut series ceramic cutters for removing sharp edges of plastic sheets.

V-shape with double sided cutting, L- and C-shape for straight and round single side cutting.

The ceramic deburring blades can easily be replaced.


Product information

Type Handycut L-shape
Type Handycut C-shape
Type Handycut V-shape

Handycut ceramic cutter

Our Handycut series ceramic cutters for deburring sharp edges of plastic sheets come in 3 versions.


Handycut V with a double V-shape ceramic cutting knife.

Handycut L with a single sided straight ceramic cutting knife.

Handycut C with a single sided round ceramic cutting knife.


The ceramic deburring blades of these Handycut knifes can easily be replaced.


  • Handycut V-shape

  • Handycut L-shape

  • Handycut C-shape

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  • 3 year warranty
  • CE Certified
  • Made in Holland
  • Free packaging from €1.500,-